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who is she?

Li Laurent is an enigmatic singer-songwriter who writes songs about feeling very deeply and/or being incredibly sassy. She’s a critically acclaimed, award winning British music artist known for her powerful vocals, unique writing style & hilarious commentary throughout her live shows. She is regularly featured on podcasts & radio stations across the world, gracing festivals inclusive of BBC Introducing, Airwaves, YNot & Newcastle Fringe (Australia), amongst others. 

Her EP "All Good Choices" and concept album "Parts" are out later this year. 

“There’s no one like Li right now”

Dallas Austin, Producer

Professional Modalities

"an actual superstar"

"it feels like an actual concert, like (she's) secretly famous & we're all about to find out"

"vocals are insane, I don't think I've heard anyone sing like that outside of an arena"

"(she) feels special"

"she's hilarious"

"her energy is just different, the performances are incredible"

"she's like a modern Adele, it's the only way I can explain it"

"Incredible, literally one of the best live shows I've seen.
Just everything about it was amazing"
(the) energy was incredible, the whole room felt it, never experienced anything like it"
"no one performs like this anymore"​
"she's the best singer we have - she's the one you look for"

"one of my favourite voices in the whole world, she's such a great singer songwriter " - Dean Jackson,

BBC Introducing

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